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  Stay-at-home measures allowed many people to slow down, reflect and invest more time in themselves.
  Replacing wood stoves is essential but won't solve the indoor air pollution epidemic on its own.
  History tells us that delays, administrative hurdles, messiness and complexity are the norm.
  We are still only beginning to understand the psychological effects that pandemic restrictions are having on us.
  New study sheds light on how the starfish evolved.
  New data shows how unhappy and polarised America has become – due largely to COVID-19.
  Recruiting more vegans for studies in the future will help us understand how this diet affects health.
  So-called 'variants of concern' have been cropping up since November.
  Who is writing history affects how it is written.
  Using only routinely collected information, this tool can accurately determine whether a COVID patient's condition is likely to deteriorate.
  A 'psychological vaccine' has proven effective in countering belief in COVID-19 conspiracies.
  Even the most mutually-beneficial evolutionary relationship can turn sour.
  The Fourth Industrial Revolution failed to deliver; it's time that we put our faith once again in hard science.
  If all of humanity was wiped out tomorrow, it's estimated that the natural world would take at least five million years to recover from the damage humans have done to ...
  Knowing what cells are more vulnerable could some day help researchers know why these cells are more vulnerable than others.
  We should be thinking about airborne transmission of coronavirus.
  Atheists may think more analytically than religious people, but it is far from proven.
  Prominent 'danger' signs are needed online to warn people about misinformation.
  European figureheads have spoken out against Capitol rioters but also know they have problems in their own back yard.
  The opposition leader's return from poisoning will put pressure on the Russian president in a crucial election year.
  Memes that promote harmful conspiracies and memes that mock them are sometimes hard to distinguish.
  People with Barrett's oesphagus may still want to be especially careful about eating bacon.
  With richer countries having bought up most of the leading western vaccines, others are looking to India, China and Russia for supplies.
  The genome of hepatitis D doesn’t resemble any known virus, making its origin a mystery. But by mining virus sequences from genetic datasets, a new study may have ...
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