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  A judge had allowed Anthony Levandowski to serve out his 18-month prison sentence after the pandemic. View Entire Post ›
  Bannon played a key role in Trump's 2016 election before falling out with the president. Now Trump is giving him a last-minute rescue from...
  "Hi is this the support groups for people whose parents have lost their minds?" View Entire Post ›
  "Let's call it a call for kindness." View Entire Post ›
  Not a regular wedding, a cool wedding. View Entire Post ›
  We can't all be as perfect as her. View Entire Post ›
  One does not simply get over the fact that this movie is 20 years old. View Entire Post ›
  The story continues. View Entire Post ›
  After BuzzFeed News reports on how the hectic day unfolded, government attorneys say they will work to bring the children...
  Brotherly love? Not in this house. View Entire Post ›
  The agency said Mulaney made “inappropriate statements” about President Donald Trump during his SNL monologue, according to records obtained by BuzzFeed ...
  Here's what four years of Trump will do to a country. View Entire Post ›
  Something to tide you over while you wait for R9. View Entire Post ›
  Plus, fans remember Mac Miller on what would have been his 29th birthday, Twitter reacts to the BenAna split, and Olivia Rodrigo's "drivers license" tops the charts. View ...
  "Oh look, there goes my deadline...along with all the fucks I give." View Entire Post ›
  Memes the whole family will enjoy. View Entire Post ›
  Kristen Gray got into trouble with Indonesian authorities after promoting her guide to moving to Bali as a...
  Good news! Another nice update from Betty White. View Entire Post ›
  Age ain't nothing but a number. View Entire Post ›
  "If you spread conspiracies about mass shootings there should be no place for you in congress," said March...
  I'd like to become a Kiwi asap, thanks! View Entire Post ›
  Come for the questions, stay for the ridiculous answers. View Entire Post ›
  So long, Easy A and A Walk To Remember. View Entire Post ›
  "IT MUST BE BUNNIES!" View Entire Post ›
  "This is The Bachelor not The Sarah Show." View Entire Post ›
  It's time to be your *own* inspiration board. View Entire Post ›
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