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  The cakes had been ordered by a group of women at a high-end sports club in Cairo.
  The plans come as Germany extends lockdown restrictions until next month.
  The brand insists you get more coffee, liquid and foam if you pay more.
  Glen Wallace will appear in the ITV soap next week.
  What will the next storm be called?
  Here is a timeline of what has happened so far.
  Christina Thorpe says care home residents and their relatives are the 'forgotten victims' of the pandemic.
  The close friends put on a show for a new BBC programme about musicals.
  Leopauld Sanchez's parents were filmed saying their goodbyes before their son was wheeled into surgery, with his organs...
  'Exciting, bloodthirsty, explosive, anything else?'
  Emergency room nurse Betty Gallaher ignored her colleagues' pleas to sit Covid out, and spent nine months tirelessly treating sick patients,...
  A lockdown project that'll pay off in the summer.
  One person has died and at least 17 people have been injured in the chaos on Tohoku Expressway.
  Two armed thugs held the terrified worker at knifepoint demanding he open the safe at the store in Birmingham.
  Thankfully, this little one's parents got there in time.
  Warnings of flooding have been issued across the country this week.
  People not on the priority list may not be able to get a vaccine until the autumn - but is it possible to skip the queue and get ahead?
  Tired of the bog standard Fortnite battle royale gameplay? Play a match of football instead and represent your favourite club.
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