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: "I really like you. Can I kiss your cheek once please?"
: Meryl Meisler captured moments of solidarity, hope and humour.
: HBO’s documentary ‘Beware the Slenderman’ premieres tomorrow, detailing the real-world consequences of a collaborative online nightmare machine.
: The postman's an anarchist in this comic by Brian Blomerth.
: New research finds a marked increase in dementia among those living by busy roadways.
: You're busy, so we've collected our favourite things from across the VICE network over the last seven days and put them all in one place.
: A running list of what the Republican-dominated federal government is up to.
: He was still tripping balls when we spoke.
: "I've been waiting for a man like this for 40 years."
: Might be time to look into some weed stocks.
: The new president signed a series of executive actions, most of which had to do with his Cabinet appointees and procedural matters.
: Donald Trump's inauguration made a lot of Americans worried, but it thrilled the voters who traveled to DC to see it.
: The president professed his love for the film in 2012 and came close to quoting the lead villain on Friday.
: We had six voices from the leather and fetish community pose before our nation's greatest monuments and tell us their hopes and fears for Trump's America.
: The new president has a dark view of America.
: Police arrested at least ten people during the protest which started at 10:30 AM Friday, just blocks from the National Mall.
: Or climate change, or poverty, or healthcare, or LGBTQ people.
: 'An Inconvenient Sequel' and 'The Worker's Cup' start off this year's festival.
: Donald Trump immediately deleted Barack Obama's lengthy climate change information page.
: But Gore still had a message of hope for the audience at Sundance, where the film premiered this week.
: Laura Peracca became a local celebrity for being the oldest Erasmus student Madrid had ever seen.
: They brought homemade Earth-shaped biscuits to the protest.
: In one afternoon he managed to annoy his MPs, his base and nearly half the country.
: "I recently started an argument with my girlfriend over nothing. I just wanted to see if she actually cared about me."
: It's a rocky road back to happiness, but get over yourself – it's a road that's been traversed before.
: Science has now all but proven that facts cannot sway political opinion. But what can?
: As a candidate, Barack Obama was a hero to liberals. As a president, he was often their target.
: "You made me a better President, and you made me a better man."
: Was Barack Obama our dankest President?
: A Drug War prisoner VICE met behind bars was one of the last people granted clemency by President Obama.
: Barack Obama will leave Washington having saved Chelsea Manning's life. But that doesn't mean his administration has a spotless record when it comes to trans issues.
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