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: Vera returned to the abandoned car where had given birth to ten puppies.
: 'Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled drawers, yearning to breathe free!'
: The elderly lady volunteers twice a week at a local RSPCA centre - where she has worked for 42 years.
: The striker is expected to start against Hull City.
: 'The doctors in America said that if we had not operated when we did he could have lost his sight.'
: In some parts it is waist deep.
: Depay joined the Ligue 1 club earlier this week.
: Torrevieja saw snow for the first time in 118 years.
: There was outrage against the new US president.
: George punched Coral in the face, she has not let it go since.
: She is also accused of giving the underage pupils booze at a party hosted by her daughter.
: Thirty-nine others were injured when the bus crashed into a pylon and went up in flames.
: The organisers of National Hug Day suggest always asking before hugging anyone.
: A teaser was released as President Trump was sworn in.
: Supermarket opening times over the weekend
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