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Baboon grunts and mating calls may hold secrets about human speech, according to a new study suggesting that the origins of human language could reach back as much as 25 million years. ......
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Computer bots - like the ones running Wikipedia - have 'strops & fights just like humans'
Daily Express  
Should Humans Leave Space Exploration To Robots?  
Prove humans are worth salvation? In 'Liana and Ben,' that's not so easy
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'Computer bots are like humans, having fights lasting years'
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DNA Research Show Modern Humans Benefit From Neanderthal DNA
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Computer bots are more like humans than you might think, having fights lasting years
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Tony winner 'The Humans' and world premiere of David Henry Hwang musical to lead Ahmanson's ...
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Humans of St. Thomas: Sarah Lynch (University of Saint Thomas)
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Tetley in India tells the story of 'everyday super humans' (TATA Group - TATA Sons Ltd)
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Tetley in India tells the story of Everyday Super Humans (Tata Global Beverages Ltd)
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Humans expect generosity from others says new study from Business School (Middlesex University)
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Humans hard-wired to follow the path of least resistance
Mail Online  
Knee-jerk disgust is holding humans back
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Humans are hard-wired to follow the path of least resistance
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