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Baboon grunts and mating calls may hold secrets about human speech, according to a new study suggesting that the origins of human language could reach back as much as 25 million years. ......
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Scientists hear voice of ancient humans in baboon calls
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Baboon Grunts And Mating Sounds Hint At Early Human Speech Patterns
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Scientists engineer fruit flies with ancient genes to test causes of evolution (The University of Chicago)
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CMU's computer is beating humans at poker
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Humans hunted giant kangaroos and tortoises as big as cars to extinction in Australia
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QI Series 9 Ep 4 Humans
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This UV-Light Controlled Adhesive Could Help Ordinary Humans Become Spiderman
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Is Humans series three on the cards?
You can now attend a fitness class where humans have to exercise like dogs
#WEF2017: AI and what it means for humans
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