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Stem cell research is often controversial but it has also led to incredible medical progress in recent years.
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What are stem cells and how will they be used to treat the world's most debilitating diseases?
International Business Times  
Devon boy is only child in Britain with a debilitating disease which is baffling doctors
Mail Online  
Health ministry to roll out screening & control programme of 5 non-communicable diseases
World News  
Former New York Jets star Mark Gastineau says he has multiple brain diseases
World News  
Product Manager Rare Diseases
World News  
Orphan Diseases Pipeline Database 2017: Indication, Clinical Trial Stages, Drug Mechanism Classes & Company - ...
World News  
Orphan Diseases Pipeline Database 2017: Track Competition, Identify Partners & Evaluate Opportunities - Research and Markets
World News  
$460 Million Pledged to Vaccine Initiative To Help Tackle Emerging Infectious Diseases
World News  
Herald Scotland  
Vifor Pharma and ChemoCentryx Announce Expansion of Kidney Health Alliance to Include CCX140 to Treat Renal Diseases 04 (Vifor Pharma Ltd)
World News  
Two Mason studies analyze interest in vaccines against emerging infectious diseases (George Mason University)
World News  
Latest research offers hope for patients with inflammatory diseases (The University of Queensland)
World News  
Scientists fight to beat emerging diseases before global epidemics are sparked
World News  
NIH Scientists Identify Early Impact of Ebola Virus on Immune System (NIAID - National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases)
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