Emmanuel Macron is one of those running to be the next French President. And as he does so he really needs to get up to speed with his economics. For he claims that the euro could fail within the next 10 years unless something is done about it. This is [...]
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But M. Macron, The Euro Has Already Failed - The Only Question Is What Do ...
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France's Emmanuel Macron to Visit Lebanon Next Week to Meet Top Officials
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France's Emmanuel Macron to Field Candidates for Parliamentary Elections
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'He's a grotesque, unabashed globalist' Marine Le Pen BLASTS rising star Emmanuel Macron
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Pro-EU Macron surges in French election polls
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Open Europe: Macron is gaining momentum
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French progressives dare to hope as maverick Macron surges in polls
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French presidential hopeful Macron shocks by speaking English
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US-EU Relations Could Continue Along Current Trajectory Under Trump, Macron Says
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France's Macron expects Trump to maintain close ties to Europe
'It's disrespectful' Marine Le Pen SLAMS rival Macron for speaking ENGLISH at conference
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Quora Question: Why Hasn't a Female Astronaut Been to the Moon?
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Ethics groups question $100m cost of President Trump's inauguration
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UK finance minister: "open question" if post-Brexit UK will favour EU migrants
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