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: ‘He’s famous for eating breakfast!’ she yelled, as a cereal box with his face on it appeared on the screen.

: Nintendo UK claims that you’ll still be able to walk in and buy a Switch from shops when the console launches next Friday.

: She was pushing a pram when she was struck by the vehicle.

: Tens of thousands will give their thanks to the Hindu God today.

: An estimated 200 million women have had an FGM prodcedure.

: IT was in a holdall in the passenger compartment of the cab.

: Plus, the key players in the Scotland v Wales showdown.

: It's one of the most popular ways to quit smoking.

: The Electoral Commission is looking into Stronger In and Vote Leave

: She did NOT like the 'ladies popping up with no bras'.

: And carrot cake hot cross buns. This is madness.

: A look ahead to the EFL Cup final, including team news, our match prediction and your chance to vote.

: He posted a callout on Facebook, and social media delivered.

: Thailand’s infamous Tiger Temple was closed down last year amid allegations of illegal breeding and trafficking of big cats.

: You will need this picture of Donald Trump, a baby carrot and some sulphur.

: The eye sockets turn the water black.

: When you are Bieber, you and your bladder answer to nobody.
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